Win a Metstuff T-shirt !!!

Here it goes!!


We have 5 commemorative Metstuff T-shirts from the times we launched the web site. And we want to give and ship them for free!

All you have to do is to contribute with information, pictures and/or scans for those items in your collections that are still not in the database of Metstuff.

Those 5 T-shirts will go for the first 5 collector friends that report at least only 20 items !!

Not to mention that ALL people contributing, will be credited accordingly in Metstuff best contributors list.




Basic rules:

1.- FRONTAL pictures, so the images are not distorsioned

2.- Picture quality of 5M

3.- Scan quality of 200 ppp

4.- We will contact each of you to complete images with the information needed.


Enjoy and good luck!

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