The Black Album, still the best selling album in the U.S. and Canada

As every year the Nielsen SoundScan has released the results of its report on the best-selling albums since 1991 (data refer to the U.S. and Canada). The black album, for the third consecutive time, occupies the first place. Among the top five has been only one change from last year: in the fifth position has placed the disk «1» by The Beatles.

We remind you that the album «Come on Over» by Shania Twain had been in the top position since 2001. Before the number one ranked Whitney Houston with the original soundtrack of The Bodyguard until 1996, Alanis Morissette and the album «Jagged Little Pill» (1996 to 2001). Metallica ranks fourth in as for the best-selling artist, narrowing the gap with Mariah Carey.

Surely, many of us have contributed to these results buying again and again Metallica releases.

Best-selling artists since 1991:

01. GARTH BROOKS (68,561,000)
02. THE BEATLES (63,299,000)
03. MARIAH CAREY (53,612,000)
04. METALLICA (53,170,000)
05. CELINE DION (51,492,000)

Best-selling albums since 1991:

01. METALLICA – «Metallica (15,735,000)
02. SHANIA TWAIN – «Come On Over (15,513,000)
03. ALANIS MORISSETTE – «Jagged Little Pill (14,714,000)
04. BACKSTREET BOYS – «Millennium (12,168,000)
05. BEATLES – «1»(11,985,000)

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