Our Philosophy

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  1. Metstuff it’s an information platform about all official audiovisual supports, edited by Metallica Worldwide, done by collectors and for collectors.
  2. Any registered collector is entitled to participate in Metstuff in both ways: providing information that completes the data base, and using the information for its own knowledge or further public sharing.
  3. In order to participate in the platform, one should follow the rules announced by the Metstuff Administration.
  4. In order to build a quality data base, Metstuff only lists those issues that are owned at least by one registered collector, with the aim to get as much relevant information as possible as well as pertinent pictures (i.e. the issue must exist).
  5. There is no room for envy or competitiveness between collectors in Metstuff. The target is to build the most solid, reliable and objective data base, to share knowledge, to establish friendships and enjoy.
  6. At the same time, Metstuff can be used to facilitate the contact between registered users, to show its sales/trading/purchasing list. Metstuff will be only a showroom; Metstuff administration does not take any participation in the transactions derived between collectors and does not earn any commission or fee for those transactions. Metstuff will not be responsible for any discrepancies between collectors for any failed transaction. Metstuff will have the right to suspend any membership due to the non accomplishment of these rules.