Metstuff 2.0: Visual Metallica Data Base improved

After two years with little activity in Metstuff because of side projects, we are back with the same or even more eager to move forward with building a more solid visual data base of the Metallica discography.

We are not just back, but we are also including some changes to improve web, to meet the expectations that every collector is looking for, including ourselves (perhaps the most critical ones).

By now the basic functionality of the site is fully operational, and these are: User Registration, Selecting Items in personal collection and counting, discussion / opinion. What is not yet operational is the Items Reporting and photos, because of two very simple reasons: we prefer to give you some time for the analysis of Metstuff and get familiar to it, and also for you to collate the database with the articles of your collections . Do not forget to have a look at «How does Metstuff works?».

We hope you enjoy Metstuff, that you may learn and we learn, and above all, that you find here a family of friends to share your passion for collecting Metallica.

The administration

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