How Metstuff works?

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Metstuff is a common database, powered by collectors for collectors. The idea is to have an updated, reliable and comprehensive database of all editions of Metallica both official and unofficial, in any media (vinyl, CD, cassette, DVD, VHS, Blue Ray, etc.). And to achieve that is necessary the contribution of the registered users that wish to provide information.

Metstuff members can be grouped in three categories with different privileges:

  • Unregistered Users
  • Registered users
  • Joint Administrators

Unregistered Members can use Metstuff as a query database query, where they will find the information of any items that have been inserted. The information you will find is quite detailed, from the title of the article, along with the country, label and year of publication, to the details of the matrixes and photos.

Registered users, have same privilege as the unregistered ones, plus:

  • Create a list of your collection, and always know how many items have.
  • Provide information of a specific article in its possession that, for the team prior review Metstuff data provided, validate and publish a new entry in the database and be well visible to other collectors.
  • Knowing that collectors have a particular item, and know the size of the collections of other collectors.

Due to the large volume of data provided by registered collectors, Metstuff advises that the time that can take for an item to be publicited may be long. However, Metstuff will do everything so that this period does not exceed four weeks. Those users with greater participation in the database, will be evaluated by the administration of Metstuff, so they can have upgraded privileges to Joint Administrator, who shall have the privilege of non-registered users and registered users, and also will be able to:

  • evaluating information provided by other users
  • editing and add information from an article (may not validate or publish)
  • publishing transcendent news related to the Metallica discography.
  • publishing information on new record stores found by users
  • answer emails from users of database

The higher the number of Deputy Directors, the greater the volume of data processed, and less time validation and publication of an article.