Metstuff reaches 1000 items listed

Dear Metstuffers, collectors and friends

Above all, we want to give the most sincere thanks to all of you for helping to carry out a dream born in October 2008. That dream was to create not only the most solid database of official Metallica items, but also the most graphic site to date. There were many hours of dedication and fun, until March 2012 when finally Metstuff was officially published on the net.

Since then, Metstuff has grown every single day, either in volume of items or in collectors linked by the same hobby. And to put some data to this progression, here are some numbers:

• Metstuff has registered over 100 members, from more than 30 different countries.

• Over 250 items reported by members (excluding administrators).

• Currently Metstuff is visited about 80 times per day.

But our dream continues to grow, to convert Metstuff as the worldwide reference in the collecting of Metallica official items. To mention some of the plans we have:

• Creating Metstuff Militia gave collectors the opportunity to discuss and share experiences with other site members.

• We have started to list the couterfeits, to serve as a reference for collectors when purchasing a new item with no unpleasant surprises.

• We are working on the new Metstuff 2.0, with the main platform in English but also translated into Spanish. Also will have all those sections that current Metstuff is lacking, such as search engines, market place, VHS / DVD section, cassette section, and much more.

We encourage everyone of you to continue your participation in this project, as we would like to get your comments, suggestions, criticisms or views on this subject. Any word from you helps us to improve and build a Metstuff to please you all.

We also want to apologize for our occasional delay in responding to your communications, but we hope you understand that this project is somewhat parallel to our work and family responsibilities, and we do it for fun and love of collecting Metallica, and Metallica.

Our sincere thanks, and a big hug to all of you!

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Metstuff Administration

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