METSTUFF: next steps, be patiente.

Dear Metstuff user,

Today March 17th 2012, Metstuff has gone live.
We have been working for 4 years, but still a lot of things to do to make this database user-friendly for everybody. That’s why we are aksing some patiente from you.
The things we are currently working on (in order of priority) are:
1.- Feed information of your items: as we still do not know how many registered users would like to activelly participate in this common project, but also because we still have some items to feed, for the time being we will gather your information though DropBox. We will create an Excel file with the different fields that are necessary to fill. You need to have a DropBox account and we will share the Metstuff folder with you. Also for providing the pictures (quality 5M for the pictures, quality 300ppp for scans) you have to upload them in DropBox. In the near future, we will develop a place where to feed the information directly in Metstuff.
2.- Message Board: Its almost done, and it is named METSTUFF MILITIA. We are now evaluating which topics are needed. Shortly, you will get access to the message board from Metstuff, previous registration.
3.- Searches: its also in development, but we think it can be ready within weeks. Searches will allow you to find a specific item, by introducing the country, the year, the cat nr, etc…
4.- Videography Section
5.- Market Place: a place where you can list your undesired or duplicate items, and contact other users for trading.

As you can see, there a lot of things to do, beside of keep feeding the database with new items.
We appreciate your understanding and patiente, and take into account that we have been working for 4 years…so time left to get everything fixed is very short.

Best regards

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