Metstuff 1.0 BETA version on WordPress.

After two years of developing and inserting items in our database, we give a new step towards Metstuff’s consolidation as web of reference in the world of Metallica’s musical collecting. Till now our aims have been to offer information in Spanish about our collections, but we have realized that we can orientate our work to all those collectors who visit us from around the world no matters which language they speak.

Therefore we meet in the need to support our project in a trustworthy system, popular and opened which is WordPress. In these moments our task centers on adapting all our previous work to an addon of the famous CMS WordPress, in order to be useful. Anyway, all the information included during this time will be able to be consulted, 501 items and more than 3000 scans and photos are available clicking here.

From today we will centre our efforts also in completing valuable information for the collector as tutorials, dictionary of technical terms and a lot of information about the world of the collecting on Metallica’s music.

In the next days we will complete the site with new contents, do not stop following us. If you want to contact us you can do it by means of our contact form.

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